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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions

So I got Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions for the Xbox 360 as part of my Christmas loot. Here are some first impressions. To start with here is a simple equation Spiderman x 4 = win. Basically in Spiderman: SD you run around as 4 different versions of your Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman each with slightly different powers. You have Amazing Spiderman, Spiderman Noir, Spiderman 2099, Ultimate Spiderman. The levels are fantastic and make each Spidey feel right at home. Now as we all know Spidey likes to talk some dirt when he is fighting and this game is no exception. I find that with all the different spidermen to play as there is no end of quips. They are not terribly repetitive either, and change each level. This I was very glad for because we don't hear the same 15 phrases over and over.

Gameplay is great though not much different between the different worlds. Amazing and Ultimate are near copies though Ultimate has the black suit and is a bit stronger overall. Noir is much like many parts of Batman: Arkham Asylum where you sneak around and subdue foes without them seeing you. 2099 is a lot different with freefalling fights. The enemies are neat and basically you chase the big boss through the levels while fighting their minions. They are superpowered versions of classic villains but have the twist of whatever world they are from. There is also a first person fighting mode that happens from time to time and it is very satisfying to take the role of spidey and punch the hell out of the likes of Kraven.

This concludes the review of the first 5 levels of Shattered Dimensions.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4

I would like to say that the folks over at Traveller's Tales did not disappoint in their latest installment of popular franchises turned Lego. I have not completed the game but have been playing with my wife and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Together we have completed the first year. I will admit that events are somewhat out of order than they appear in the book but that does not hurt the game much. The graphics are nice and a bit fresh compared to some of the other Lego games. So far as I know this is the first Lego game (edit: Lego Indiana Jones had this feature I have not played that one) to include making the screen split screen when you run too far away from your partner. This is an awesome feature and I miss it very much when I play Lego Batman.

Learning spells is fun and happens as in between's for the games bigger events. Often they involve using the newly learned spell to complete a puzzle. The game is challenging at times but not too hard. I am hoping that the difficulty some what ramps up as the story progresses.
The new system of hub's is great as Hogwart's itself provides a sort of hub you can do things in and the Leaky Cauldron as well as Diagon Alley are available with different features in each. As such the level design is much better in this Lego installment. Playing as Fang in the Enchanted Forest was some of the most fun I have had in a while.
Keep on the look out for more posts! Both on my continuing gaming and my continuing crafting of programs.

Monday, August 23, 2010

First Impressions: Batman Arkham Asylum

Recently I purchased Batman: Arkham Asylum for the XBOX 360. I haven't played all that far into it but so far the outlook is very good. The combat looks awesome and flows very nicely. I have enjoyed the Detective Mode aspects as well. I feel that it is a good thing to include Batman's other skills when so many focus on just his fighting skills and his random suits.  I have enjoyed how delightful the writing is as well. The Joker is wonderful as usual and excitingly voiced by the only real Joker (though he has only ever been his voice) Mark Hamill. More reviewing to come.