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Monday, January 17, 2011

Rock Band:The Beatles.

This is a review of the story mode in Rockband The Beatles. I would like to say that this is one of the most polished versions of Rockband I have played. The interface is much more mellow and doesn't put as much strain on your eyes. The best part of this game has been the venues and the background characters. The songs are wonderful and through the first part of the story you play their iconic venues, like The Ed Sullivan Show, and the Baseball Field in Japan. The things going on behind the highways (the part the notes fly down on) are very interesting and eye catching. It can distract you away from the game but for the most part, it will just make it enjoyable for those that are over to play but are sitting one out. Also the story mode follows very closely to the history of the Beatles through their Career. There was not a song I did not like to play on this iteration of Rock Band. So far I have only gotten to enjoy playing guitar and bass, and I look forward to having a band. The only downside to this game for me so far is the incompatibility with all other Rock Band titles but as good as this one is that is just a minor inconvience.

Final Thoughts: Rock Band The Beatles is a great game that is enjoyable to play with smooth songs and a carefree vibe. It features songs that have stood the test of time all that is left is to see if the game follows in the foot steps of the music is features.


  1. but do you have to choke the strap up above your waist in order to play?